Business interruption insurance may cover loss of business income in case of a covered peril. Business interruption coverage may become essential when the business is out of service. A business that has closed down entirely while the repairs are in progress, may lose most of its clients to competitors. A business interruption claim may be triggered by closure of business due to disaster related events, or due to the rebuilding process after a sudden or accidental event that caused that business to stop operating. We’ll negotiate your settlement on your behalf.

Some policies may include Civil Authority Coverage. Civil Authority coverage, also known as Public Authority Coverage, is a provision in the policy that outlines how the loss of business income or business interruption may apply when a governmental entity denies access to the insured property or business. You may contact our office for a free consultation and evaluation of your policy business interruption or loss of business income under Civil Authority Coverage regarding COVID – 19 (coronavirus) pandemic related mandatory shutdowns by authorities.